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Moments4me biocelulose skincare facemask
Moments4me biocelulose skincare facemask
Moments4me biocelulose skincare facemask

Formulated with hyaluronic acid


1 Bio-cellulose Mask – All skin types

15-minutes | ANTI-AGE

This lifting mask is enriched with hydrolysed wheat proteins, hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides, active ingredients known to provide a lifting effect and improve the elasticity of the skin while hydrating it. Combined with organic barley distilled water, organic Roman Chamomile floral water and an extract of brown seaweed, this mask moisturizes, firmens and smoothes the skin while providing a silky, velvety feel. Use once a week. External use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

Highly concentrated lifting serum:

We have selected Pronalen Flash-Tense Plus M.S. active that provides long-lasting tightening and lifting effect and acts as an anti-ageing, firming and anti-wrinkle agent.


How to use

1.Thoroughly clean your face.

2. Open the sachet. The mask is housed between two protective sheets.

3. Remove the first protective sheet and place the mask on your face.

4. Ensure that the mask perfectly adheres to your face.

5. Peel back the second protective sheet. Leave on up to 15 minutes.

6. Remove the mask and gently massage the excess serum onto your face.

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The difference between Bio-cellulose
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How to use Bio-cellulose Masks.