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Moments4me biocelulose skincare facemask


¨Have a moment, stay positive, love yourself. Embrace perseverance, learn, study and most of all love your inner beauty.¨

Adda de Vaulchier
Founder of Moments4me

Beauty has a special meaning to de Vaulchier.

As a young girl, Adda de Vaulchier was driven by passion in everything she did. She was fascinated by women´s beauty habits and how powerful a charismatic woman could be.

Throughout history, there have been many beautiful women, but for de Vaulchier, one of the greatest figures of female beauty was Cleopatra. The Queen of Egypt's charm came both through her personality and her physical appearance; exceptional beauty that de Vaulchier honours.

Cleopatra used facial masks to prevent wrinkles and to moisturize. Her beauty regiment included using sliced ​​cucumbers, whipped cream, olive oil and honey, among other natural ingredients.

Experienced and passionate about cosmetics, essential oils and fragrances, de Vaulchier decided to create her own skincare line, with the objective to provide products that bring wellness, self-confidence and love – traits most necessary to be happy and positive in life.

After careful investigation and testing, in collaboration with experienced, dedicated and talented researchers from France, de Vaulchier combined the best fragrances, richest natural ingredients and oils for her skincare line.

Moments4me will be available worldwide in August 2017 at perfumeries, drugstores, department stores and natural health stores.

Be fearless, Be creative


We love creating products that inspire you to be healthy in body and mind.

We encourage you to push the pause button on life, and take a moment for you.

We are extremely proud that our ingredients are natural, fresh, and will make your skin smile. We do not test on animals.

We are thrilled when we hear your stories, about how our products made you feel a bit better about your day, about yourself, and about how you took a few minutes for yourself.

We are constantly following trends, listening to your feedback, and always fine-tuning our company to ensure you are encouraged.

When you are happy, we are happy! And, we wake up every day with a goal to inspire you and encourage your wellbeing.


Our team has passion running though their veins

Our team knows that no person can do everything alone

Our team never takes your loyalty to our brand for granted

Our team believes that supporting each other is key to our success.

Our team wants you to feel as beautiful on the outside as on the inside

Our team knows what is good, but instead works to create what is great

Our team is devoted to adding luxury to your life, at an affordable price and in little time as we know your time is precious.

Love & Beauty


It was when Adda de Vaulchier relocated to Paris, that she found the daily work stress was absorbing her free time and her personal life. She needed something to make her feel good, something to give her some much-needed time to relax and unwind. “I just need a moment to myself.” It was then she realized that doing something as simple as applying a face mask, would force her to take just a few minutes for herself, maybe even light a candle, and breathe and relax.

She stocked up on several face masks, determined each night she would give herself a moment, while she let the ingredients soak into her stress-filled face. At this point in her life, she felt 90 and she was sure her face was showing the same age!

However, no matter how much, or how little she spent on the masks, there was never one that gave her the feeling or results she was looking for. Most of the paper masks dried and fell off. Many of the liquid masks were filled with unknown ingredients, or just made a huge mess. Her ‘aha’ moment came.

Her experience in cosmetics and the encouragement of her team inspired her to start searching for the best face serums in France. Moments4me brand was created and so was born a very special and unique range of skincare products to enhance your skin and encourage a moment for you! The initial collection will include Bio Cellulose: Moisturizing, Anti-Age, Brightening, Rejuvenating, Lifting, Purifying Charcoal Face Masks and Decongesting De-Puffing Eye Masks.

We are extremely proud of the results and we are hopeful Moments4me will enhance your life. Whether you’re sitting down with an aromatic candle, or standing up and gently stretching, apply a Moments4me product and feel great about the benefits this mask will do for your face, and your mind!

Take a moment...you’ll be glad you did!