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¨Have a moment, stay positive, love yourself. Embrace perseverance, learn, study and most of all love your inner beauty.¨

Adda de Vaulchier

Mindful beauty empowers me …. and you

Few years ago, when I decided to relocate to Paris, leaving my family and friends, I faced an emotional tsunami. I was uprooted, in an unfamiliar culture, transported into a radically different environment. Overwhelmed by a whirlwind of stress due to my new reality, I simply coped with my situation by just wanting to keep moving, working and taking on new projects. And then one day, in the midst of all this turbulence, I had this one moment of total lucidity and self-awareness when I knew that I just needed to stop and take back control of my own self.

I realized that simply taking a moment, doing something meaningful for me was essential.

What would truly compel me to take moments for me though? I thought that maybe, something simple, like applying a face mask? It would give me a moment to breathe, to radiate and to feel good… Again and again. I willed myself to get back on my path, through simple rituals, through moments of mindfulness, through just being self-aware of what I was going through, through applying the masks. And it got better for me…

This was the tipping point. I regained my purpose. I put to work my personal and professional experience in beauty with my passion for developing high quality, honest and mindful skincare products. This is how my brand, moments4me ® , was born. And I want to share my passion, my journey and my moments4me ® with you.

Take time for you, get your brain out of the fast lane. Listen to your heart, to what makes sense to you. Take the moment, no matter how short or long. Breathe and be aware of your body and mind. Commit yourself to mindful skincare routines. Elevate yourself, your beauty and your confidence. Through moments4me ® , I invite you to find a path to your moments. I did.

Adda de Vaulchier, Founder



When you are happy, we are happy! And, we wake up every day with a goal to inspire you and encourage your wellbeing.

We love creating products that inspire you to be healthy in body and mind.

We encourage you to push the pause button on life, and take a moment for you.

We are extremely proud that our ingredients are natural, fresh, and will make your skin smile. We do not test on animals.

We are thrilled when we hear your stories, about how our products made you feel a bit better about your day, about yourself, and about how you took a few minutes for yourself.

We are constantly following trends, listening to your feedback, and always fine-tuning our company to ensure you are encouraged.


Our team has passion running though their veins

Our team knows that no person can do everything alone

Our team never takes your loyalty to our brand for granted

Our team believes that supporting each other is key to our success.

Our team wants you to feel as beautiful on the outside as on the inside

Our team knows what is good, but instead works to create what is great

Our team is devoted to adding luxury to your life, at an affordable price and in little time as we know your time is precious.



Encouraging mindful skincare moments as a path to a happier, more balanced life

Mindful choices, not trivial choices:

Mindful gestures, not routines :

Beyond just skincare, mindful beauty and mindful living: