The purpose of EVE VEGAN® certification

EVE VEGAN® is an official voluntary label (registered trademark) recognized worldwide by those who are looking for guaranteed products without ingredients of animal origin. Present on the packaging of food sold in trade, the EVE VEGAN® label guarantees that the product is free of ingredients of animal origin (products from breeding, slaughter, hunting and fishing) and not tested on live animals. The method, manufacturing conditions and packaging are also subject to controls prior to certification.

Use the EVE VEGAN® certificate to successfully access a customer base that is committed to new consumption patterns. The Vegan criteria are more and more often at the base of the requests of the stores of the large distribution. The EVE VEGAN® certification is a marker of transparency which attests the control by a legitimate and independent organization.

The EVE VEGAN® certification is valid worldwide. Our standard applies to all raw, semi-finished and finished products and for all activities that wish to assert their quality without animal origin and cruelty.