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Why use Bio-cellulose Masks?

Paper masks tend to dry out quickly and therefore can actually remove moisture from the face. Often, they do not fit the face properly – therefore any nourishment they provide does not always have the opportunity to soak onto the entire face.

Bio-cellulose is the latest generation of masks, a superior mask for skincare. The mask is natural and made out of fermented coconut jelly. Its structure resembles your skin and it adheres to your face like a second layer, allowing the serum to penetrate easily into your skin’s top and deeper layers!

Bio-cellulose is sterile, toxin free, eco-friendly, biodegradable and extraordinarily pure.

Bio-cellulose fabrics are tightly woven, making them strong and resilient. As well, they have an amazing fluid-holding capacity, of up to 100 times their dry weight! The fabrics are ‘water loving’, and will never dry your skin.

Easy to use

The facial sheet masks are pre-cut. Your job is simple. Just open the mask, place onto your face and enjoy. Let the mask do the work as your cells absorb all the great ingredients. There is no mess, no jars to put away, no mixing, no waiting. After about 15 minutes, remove the mask, and your face is ready to go for the day, or for the night. No rinse.


We could not brag about our masks, if we did not mention another important aspect. By taking 15 minutes to pamper your face, you are also taking time for your body and brain to unplug and unwind. We all wish we had the time and money to go to the spa everyday, but that’s unrealistic for many reasons. However, the second best option is to sit in the comfort of your home, or close the door in your office, and give yourself, and your face, a break.

Looks of fatigue will fade from your face, and your mind will relax as well. We like to think of our masks as a portable mini spa, which fits in your purse!