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Moments4me biocelulose skincare facemask
Moments4me biocelulose skincare facemask
Moments4me biocelulose skincare facemask


Anti-Fatigue Revitalizing Face Mask

Feel exhausted after a long work day?

Your skin is the first to suffer from it, and it shows – tired features and dull skin are the most frequent signs of fatigue.

This mask formulated with Aloe Vera offers instant hydration that soothes, rejuvenates and re-plumps your skin. Your features are smooth and your complexion revitalised. Its serum also contains floral water of Damask Rose and Cornflower for a refreshing and calming sensation. After a long busy day, you deserve this relaxing moment. And so does your skin.


How to use

1.Thoroughly clean your face.

2. Open the sachet. The mask is housed between two protective sheets.

3. Remove the first protective sheet and place the mask on your face.

4. Ensure that the mask perfectly adheres to your face.

5. Peel back the second protective sheet. Leave on up to 15 minutes.

6. Remove the mask and gently massage the excess serum onto your face.

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