Fight the dry while you fly!

Imagine how dry a piece of bread becomes after sitting on the counter for a day. Well, your skin will likely feel the same way after spending hours in an airplane.

Experts note that a mixture of fresh and recirculated air is blown through the cabin during flight. However, at 30,000 feet, the air outside does not contain much humidity. Therefore, the air circulating in the aircraft usually has less than 12% humidity. It’s bad news for people who suffer from sinus problems, and it’s also bad news for your skin.

No woman wants to exit an aircraft, on her way to a meeting, or waiting to meet that special someone, with the skin on her face drier than sand.

Therefore, we recommend you always carry a Moments4me moisturizing face mask when you fly. An hour before landing, simply push your seat back, apply the mask, close your eyes and relax. Travelling already causes enough stress. Don’t let your skin become victim to both the stress and the dry air.

Walk off that airplane looking like you’ve just had a facial!